Closing costs when buying a home.

Considering purchasing a home, and not sure about all the costs associated with it?

Making sure you have a budget set out and know what you can afford is the first step to home ownership. If  you are considering moving-up and moving from a stratified property to a detached home, there will be a BIG change.


Do you just pay the price you negotiate?

Is there any GST applied?

What is this Property Transfer Tax I’ve heard?’


If you are wondering what the closing costs are of buying a home, here is a list of items that you should budget for.



You may choose to do an inspection before/after you put in your offer. Depending on the property, your real estate professional … MOI… will guide you.


A deposit will be due – this is normally 5% of the purchase price paid within 24 hours. These funds are normally held “in-trust” by the buyers agent until you have chosen a lawyer for closing.

Property Appraisal may have to be done depending on the property.

——-> $300-$500 (usually paid by the lender)


What You Need to Pay For On Closing

Between getting your accepted offer and closing, there will be a list of things you will have to consider.

Legal Fees are just a part of what you will need to pay. This could be $1000-$1500 depending on your transaction. You may need a property survey, or a home inspection.

You will have to come up with the balance of the funds upon closing. Your lawyer or notary will coordinate with the lender to make sure the funds are accessible.


For a full list of items check out the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver for a list of items.

Still unsure where to start? That’s where I can help. Get in touch to set up a consultation to see how we can help you achieve your real estate goals.


There is a lot to think about in a move.

Considering a move?

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Land Transfer Tax Costs Throughout Canada


With a huge range of prices throughout Canada, did you know that not every province has the same Land Transfer Tax?

Take my friend A. She currently lives in Alberta, and they were considering purchasing an investment condo in British Columbia. She had no idea that our land transfer tax was so high.

Did you know that buyers in Alberta and Saskatchewan pay almost none. Buyers in Toronto purchasing an average $806,320.00 home will pay an additional $16,687.00. Buyers in Vancouver would pay an additional $14,126.00

Whether you live in the province, or are considering purchasing a property in a different province make sure you are informed. Also keep in mind if there are any additional taxes if you do not live in that province such as the tax implemented by the B.C. government: Speculation Tax.

I have a great relationship with Re/MAX agent throughout Canada ( I even have a relative in Ontario that can help).



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BC Speculation Tax – What you need to know

What is the BC Speculation Tax?

This tax implemented by the BC government is to help make sure British Columbians can afford to live in their own province.

Agree or not, make sure you know if you will be affected..

What areas are covered?

The speculation tax applies only in BC’s largest urban centres: Metro Vancouver, the Capital Regional District (excluding the Gulf Islands and Juan de Fuca), Kelowna and West Kelowna, Nanaimo-Lantzville, Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Mission.

Who Pays the Tax?

Foreign speculators (households with high worldwide income that pay little income tax in BC). They pay the tax because they are NOT eligible for primary residency exemption.

Canadians or permanent residents who live in BC; will pay tax on homes that are empty within designated areas.

Canadian or permanent residents who live outside BC: if the home they own is in the designated area is NOT their primary residence, and is NOT rented out out for at LEAST 6 months of the year, they will pay the tax.


Who Doesn’t Pay the Tax?

An estimated 99% of British Columbians won’t pay the tax:

  • Own the home and live in it (primary residence)
  • If you are a renter
  • Own a second home and rent it out for at lest 6 months of the year.
  • If the home is vacant but outside the designated urban area –Metro Vancouver, the Capital Regional District (excluding the Gulf Islands and Juan de Fuca), Kelowna and West Kelowna, Nanaimo-Lantzville, Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Mission.
  • A vacant home, and inside the designate urban area, but is valued below $400,000.00

Of course there are special exemptions should the owner be undergoing medical care, or residing in a hospital, long-term care etc.


How Much Is the Tax?

Residents of British Columbian – 0.5% of the property value

Canadians in other provinces – 1% of the property value

Foreign Speculators & Satellite Families – 2% of the property value.

BC Speculation tax



2018 Recreational Property Report

Have you ever considered buying a recreational property? Maybe downsizing and having a place to go to on the sunshine coast? There are a lot of things to consider…

How easy is the access?

Is there a building on site?

Will you be building or buying a pre-fab home?

What are the building costs if materials have to be brought in?

Are the utilities connected? (water, sewer, electrical…)

What are the additional costs?

In this report published by Re/Max, it states that the aging population has, retirees driving and inflating the recreational market in popular leisure locations.”

Which locations have seen the greatest growth?

Here is chart of median price value that compare 2017 and 2018 prices.





If this is something you have considered, or may consider in the future please feel free to give me a call and I can connect you with a real estate agent in the area that can best serve you.










As of June 15, 2018 the Real Estate Council of B.C. implemented new rules to further protect consumers in real estate transactions. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact any member of The Today Team.

The Real Estate Council of BC has just released these short videos explaining the new forms.


2018 Honda Celebration of Lights


Honda Celebration of Lights

Vancouver’s traditional summer event is back for the 28th year, with a host of entertainment and activities prior to the fireworks, including a massive air show.

The Honda Celebration of Lights will light up the city sky on  July 28, August 1, and August 4, adding to the energy of the city’s peak summer atmosphere.

Free Concerts

The park at second beach features live music with 18 artists, and begins at 2pm. Go early to get a great seat.


Hungry? Stop by on the of the Food Trucks

A large selection of food trucks will be in the area to fulfill those cravings. Line up includes, The Kaboom Box, Hunky Bill’s, Reel Mac & Cheese, Kampong, and Rocky Point Ice Cream.

Air Show – Canadian Air Forces Snowbirds

This air show will be featured on July 28th and August 4th from 7:45 – 8pm

For the August 1st show, this special show featuring the country’s famed aerobatics squadron starts at 6:45 pm and ends at 7:40 pm.

Picnic, enjoy company and watch

The fireworks will run in all weather (rain or shine). Fireworks start at 10pm and run about 30 minutes. Fireworks are launched from a barge anchored the middle of English Bay

The participating countries for the 2018 fireworks competition are:

  • Saturday, July 28: South Africa, represented by Fireworks for Africa
  • Wednesday, August 1: Sweden, represented by Unique Pyrotechnic
  • Saturday, August 4: South Korea, represented by Daehan Fireworks Co.

For more information please visit the website

Hope to see you there




Twilight Tuesdays at Science World


Photo credit – John Herrera.


Great News! Until August 28, patrons can enjoy extended hours every Tuesday at Science World, from 5 pm to 9 pm, while exploring the exhibits, catching a live science show, or viewing a larger-than-life OMNIMAX film.

The feature exhibition, The Science Behind Pixar is a sure will for kids young and old. In celebration of the exhibition and longer hours there will be screenings of the Pixar movies throughout the summer.

Here are a list of movies you can enjoy this summer:

  • July 10: Finding Nemo
  • July 17: Cars
  • July 24: Ratatouille
  • July 31: WALL-E
  • August 7: Up
  • August 14: Toy Story 3
  • August 21: Brave
  • August 28: Inside Out

In addition, Twilight Tuesdays will also feature the epic action thriller Dunkirk by filmmaker Christopher Nolan (Interstellar, Inception, The Dark Knight Trilogy) to the OMNIMAX theatre for Twilight Tuesdays at 7:30 pm.


For more information check out the website 




Night Bus Routes for the Greater Vancouver

Good news for late night travelers – Translink now has a night bus service that runs from Vancouver to Port Moody (as well as other routes). The service starts at 2am and runs till standard TransLink services begin around 5am.

Routes focus on the night district of downtown to the burbs. The N9 route to Port Moody takes about an hour to go from Granville Station to Port Moody. And, you can request a stop!
If you feel safer getting off the bus at a point between two regular bus stops you can Request A Stop. The bus driver will let you off if he or she believes it’s safe to do so. Note: You cannot request a stop along an express or limited-stop portion of a route.

Details at:

Don’t forget the Shoreline Shuttle that runs in Port Moody


Fridays 4pm to midnight
Saturdays 1pm to midnight
Sundays 1pm to 10pm

View & download the complete schedule

Riders can hop on or off the shuttle at the following locations:

#1 Rocky Point Park (2800-block Murray Street)
#2 Kyle Street (St. Johns Street at Kyle Street)
#3 Clarke/Douglas (Clarke Street at Douglas Street)
#4 Moody Street (St. Johns Street at Moody Street)
#5 Williams Street (St. Johns Street at Williams Street)
#6 Buller Street (St. Johns Street at Buller Street)
#7 Moray Street (St. Johns Street at Moray Street)
#8 Suter Brook Way (Ioco Road at Suter Brook Way)
#9 Recreation Complex/Civic Centre (Knowle Street)
#10 Eagle Ridge Hospital (Ungless Way at Newport Drive)
#11 Guildford/Balmoral (Guildford Way at Balmoral Drive)
#12 Klahanie (Murray Street at Klahanie Drive East)
#13 Inlet Park (Murray Street at Electronic Avenue)

The Shoreline Shuttle connects Inlet Centre, Rocky Point Park, and Moody Centre, stopping near popular destinations like the Recreation Complex, Public Library, Eagle Ridge Hospital, Inlet Park, and the Port Moody Arts Centre. It also provides access to business areas, including Clarke Street, St. Johns Street, Suter Brook Village, Newport Village, and Heritage Mountain Shoppers Village.